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Kiwi Step Up and Shine Campaign

In addition to helping kids as they resume school, Kiwi has also played a role in providing them with the confidence they need to take on the world.

Working on the Kiwi Step up and shine campaign has provided us with the chance to contribute to the brand's success as well as the kids.

Branding: Step Up and Shine Van Storms.

Instore Activation: Customer engagement

For this particular campaign, we played a role in helping consumers feel as though kiwi was part of their journey, therefore building a bridge between them and the brand.

Van Sales

This goal wouldn't have been made possible without proper planning and execution. Through van sales, we were able to reach more customers, positively impacting lives.

We all step up and shine

In conclusion, we all get a chance to step up and shine as this initiative benefits us all. Kiwi intends to make us all feel seen and heard. Customers who buy the tins with the yellow stickers will receive free airtime or data and be entered to stand a chance to win school fees worth 35,000! Every Friday morning, announcements will be aired on radio maisha.

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